Just want to thank you both for the training session last night! It was fab – we all loved it. Doing something different was fantastic. I enjoyed the functional movement and using the kettlebells as it’s something I hadn’t tried before. It’s great that it’s interactive too and I like being told how to do things correctly as I know it will work my body harder. I worked completely different muscles that I work in the classes that I go to and I enjoy things so much more when they are fun. Overall it was brilliant!

Catherine Foster, Radio Aire, Leeds
OutFIT is a great session where I’m kept motivated for an hour with a variety of exercises, most of which I actually enjoy! The sessions are different every week and it’s even better when I see myself improving week on week. After the session I feel like I have completed a work out, rather than waste time in the gym where I’m a lot less confident. The people are what makes the session fun and Sarah is inspirational and makes you want to go back every week. 
Stevie, Leeds

Jenny and Phill have been fantastic. The kettlebells have absolutely worked wonders for me. I’ve always found that going to the gym can be hard work but I can’t wait for our outdoor group sessions to come around. We have such great fun and the way that you receive such complex exercise guidance in a really easy-to-understand way is just brilliant!

Natalie Potter, Teacher, Harrogate

If you are reading this and haven’t yet been, I recommend that you book your first session now. The sessions have been great and transformed my lifestyle. I’ve just completed Kilimanjaro and these sessions were the absolute spine of my preparation.

James Pooley, Architect, London

The fitness industry can become a little intimidating sometimes, crazy people in lycra bouncing around. However, my faith has been restored through these sessions. If it is possible for something to be relaxed but really motivating, then these sessions do it! They are friendly but really get the best out of everyone. I have been attending for 4 months now and just looking around the group, we have all come a huge way. Well done everyone.

Chris W, Property Investor, Leeds

Kettlbell-ing rocks! It’s high octane hollistic exercise. It mixes explosive and aerobic exercise techniques to create a sense of wellbeing, awareness and toning similar to the post pilates feeling, the sense of looseness, presence of mind and tranquility akin to the post yoga experience. The kettlebells provide the body toning and weight loss function similar to that of swimming and excellent core strength which in turn aids healthy eating and good health. That’s why I love it! I really enjoyed the session because of the combination of individual, small team and group experience which worked brilliantly in a lot of ways. This makes the Creating Chaos workout an ideal corporate business away day experience. It allows you to set individual targets for yourself. The camaraderie, fun and completely new exercises were great and provided such a unique and effective work out. It was like weight loss, toning, nutrient balancing, cleansing, me ntal strength, physical strength, cardio, fun and adventure all wrapped in one…blown away, I’m buzzing!

Tom Humphrey, Radio Aire, Leeds

My initial reservations of exercising outdoors were that I’d be shouted at by army people. Despite Phill having been a paratrooper, I was amazed as the group was nothing like that at all. Inspiring, fun and by far and away, the most motivational session I have ever attended.

Dan Gamble, Pianist, Leeds

Jenny , our fitspiration of the week, has lost an incredible 20lbs in a matter of a couple of months through a combination of changing what she eats and regular exercise at OutFIT… She says “OutFIT sets me up for the day, helps me focus on my goals, I love Sarah and it’s so much fun” 

Jenny Knott, Leeds

Our groups at Roundhay Park have just been fantastic. Everyone in the group is brilliant and really friendly. I’ve dropped 2 dress sizes and I’ve learnt so much and keep learning with every session. The surprise lunge is a winner everytime!

Lisa B, Northwood, Leeds