Plan Ahead…..

Thinking before you cook and eat…..

You have to love Autumn…

For many it signals the return to ROUTINE!

Whilst food shouldn’t be monotonous, getting into some kind of ROUTINE with food will undoubtedly help you to choose healthily…

So, try & plan at least a few days ahead. Remember some basic goals & requirements and try to stick to them. BUT don’t beat yourself up if you don’t achieve nutritional Nirvana at every meal!

Put a list on the fridge (or just in your head) of these minimum essentials to include for each person, every day & tick them off when you can. If you fall a little short- just try harder the next day!

  1. A palm-sized portion of protein at each meal
  2. A cupped hand-sized portion of complex carbohydrate (ie the brown version!) at each meal
  3. A thumb-sized portion of healthful fat (avocado, coconut oil, butter, olive oil) at each meal
  4. At least 5 portions of fresh or frozen fruit & vegetables each & every day – as many colours as you can – aim for at least 2 portions of fruit per day & at least 3 portions of vegetables (one of which should be dark green)
  • Remember palm sizes vary – alter portions accordingly!
  • If lunchtimes are your downfall & inspiration is needed for packing something healthy every day, get ideas from: (but go for full fat options wherever it suggests low fat)
  • Your individual dietary requirements may change according to exercise & weight goals – ask me or one of the gym staff for more ‘bespoke’ advice.

* Print out the Food Goals Chart & just tick off how you (& any other members of the family) do each day – just colour code each person.


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