Why OutFIT?

Despite us all being at different stages, having different experiences and pursuing different goals, we all share some things in common. We each experience the cold of winter and the longer warmer days in the summer. Regardless of the actual journey you take, the OutFIT will provide your body with exactly what it needs through all seasons, and simplifies the whole confusion over what you should be doing, when and how often.


OutFIT is a comlete method of training and includes strength work, conditioning, cardiovascular training and function, we tilt the training to suit the time of year with new techniques specific to each module. Your body will never become bored, or build up a resistance to our training, meaning the results will be better and longer lasting.


Our system allows you to focus on weight loss, building strength, having more energy or indeed anything. We encourage everyone to revisit goals every quarter as circumstances change. By regularly revisiting your objectives, your efforts will always remain fresh and effective.

With OutFIT anything is possible:

  • lose weight
  • reduce body fat
  • drop a dress size
  • increase strength
  • tone up
  • build size
  • develop stability
  • improve performance
  • increase energy
  • feel better

To make it even more tailored for yourself, you decide whether to work at beginner, intermediate or advanced level and this can be amended at any point.


With our regular fitness appraisals, the guess work is completely removed and members get to see just how much they’re progressing by attending OutFIT.

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